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Our Story

World's First Beauty and Self Defense Product Line

Murder is the third leading cause of death among Native American and Alaskan Native women.  Native American women are murdered at rates 10x the national average. One in three Native women are sexually assaulted in their lifetime. Sixty seven percent of these assaults are committed by non-Natives.  This is what has come to be known as the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Crisis (MMIW).


According to research based on data extracted from the National Criminal Justice Research Services, self-protection variables such as getting help, running away and attacking an assailant without a weapon decrease the chance of sexual assault completion by as much as 80%.  In non-sexual assault, variables such as calling police, running away/hiding, attacking assailant without a weapon, attacking wih a non-gun weapon and threatening to attack with a weapon decreased the risk of injury by half compared to non-resistance.


Based out of Oklahoma and in response to this MMIW crisis, Skye Woman Beauty was founded by the family of Skye Jim in her honor and in honor of all MMIW sisters.

Skye Woman Beauty's mission is to promote the use of personal self-defense products among Native women and are designed to empower all women. 

With every purchase, you are contributing to the fight against violence towards Native women. 

In addition, portions of proceeds from sales goes toward Skye Jim's justice fund. To learn more about Skye's story please click on the button below. 

The Skye Woman Project

On January 9, 2022 Skye's mother launched The Skye Woman Project website which is intended to serve as a web based resource tool for other surviving families of Native homicide victims.


Why the name Skye Woman?


"There are some of our Nations who share a belief in a creation story in which in the beginning, there was a sacred being who came from above. She was known as Sky Woman and with her, she brought seeds.  She shared those seeds and spread them across the land.  Those seeds grew and came to provide us with medicines, foods and even shelter. They are the Givers.


Following the loss of our Skye, in the Spring time, I encouraged my family to plant various food giving seeds, trees and others.  We planted rigorously as a first step toward our healing, sourrounding our home as an antithetic defiance against the Takers - the Takers bein those who take that which they have no right to take. 


While Skye's death took something from each of us, it also brought us life by bringing about the act of us surrounding ourselves with these supporters of life which came from the seeds that originated with Sky Woman. The decision to name our efforts "Skye Woman" isn't intended to disrepect our cultural beliefs but rather to remind each of us of the goodness of the Givers while also honoring the memory of our Skye.  In launching Skye Woman Beauty, we'd like to think that we are still planting seeds: seeds of resistance." - Alecia Onzahwah


For more information about The Skye Woman Project please visit the link below.

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